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Video Did Not Kill The Radio Star

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  • Defensive Investing: Heads You Win,
    Tails You (Still) Win

    The key to defensive distressed investing is simple: find investments that will hold up well when the market declines – and go up when the market eventually recovers. Today’s recommendation offers a high chance of upside with a built-in margin of safety. Read more here.

  • A Bank Built for A Credit Bust

    Houlihan Lokey (HLI) is a cash-rich, debt-free financial firm that specializes in restructuring...helping soon-to-be-bankrupt companies get back on their feet. In today's debt-crushed environment, there's no better business to be in. A shares position in HLI is the perfect first exposure to the fascinating world of distressed debt. Houlihan Lokey is a "forever company" that also leads the market in corporate finance and financial and valuation advisory. Read more here.

  • Bet on Best-in-Class Software

    Software pioneer Salesforce (CRM) is our first "bargain" company -- a distressed business trading at rock-bottom valuations, but with a detailed restructuring plan in place. Salesforce boasts a core product suite like no other, and activist investors see a great asset that can be fixed without major risk. CRM stock is trading at multiples we haven’t seen since 2008, while the company is proactively growing revenues and free cash flow. Read more here.

  • Startup Guide - Porter & Co. Distressed Investing

    If you've never traded bonds before, start here. Our Distressed Investing team will walk you through how bonds work, how and where to purchase them, and what to say to your broker (even if they don't understand bonds). We also include a handy glossary, a clear breakdown of "bond math," and more. Read the report here.

  • The Greatest Legal Transfer of Wealth in History

    In this comprehensive handbook, Martin Fridson and his team show you how to take advantage of the "greatest legal transfer of wealth in history" by buying distressed bonds and equities for pennies on the dollar. Learn exactly how and where to find these opportunities, how to legally get "paid first," and much more. Read the full report here.

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