Important Service Announcement (Website Upgrade)

Dear Reader,

Lance, Director of Customer Care here.

We’ve recently made some website improvements to better serve you. One upgrade we’ve made involves moving our website from SubStack to a new platform that’s more secure and much easier to use.

We have also moved the Domain or URL of our website from to (or simply

This change and moving the subscription information should happen automatically… that is, your subscriber access to The Big Secret On Wall Street (This Week) on the Porter & Company website should have seamlessly transitioned.

If you find that it hasn’t, please ensure that cookies (which are text files with small pieces of data that are used to identify your computer) are enabled… if you’re using a PC, see how to do this here. If you’re using an Apple computer, see here for help. (On most computers, cookies are enabled by default.)

If this is your first time accessing the site or you find that you’re still not able to access the subscribers’ section of the new website, here’s the process that will provide access:

1) Go to the bottom of any bi-weekly issue of The Big Secret On Wall Street (This Week) on and click "Sign in" just below the Subscribe button…

2) You’ll then be taken to this screen…

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3)Enter your email address, and a new log-in link will be sent to your email. You will receive a confirmation pop up.

Then just click on the link sent to your email and you’ll then be logged in for the next 6 months on that device. If you don’t see the email, be sure to check your junk or spam folder.

Also, there is a link on the bottom of every page on our new website that will guide you through this process if you have any issues in the future:

If you’re having problems, at any point, just let me know. I’m always available to help.

You can email me at or you can call me a call toll free at 888-610-8895 (international: 443-815-4447) Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM ET.

If you’d prefer to make an appointment and have me call you at a time that’s convenient, you can do that by replying to the email or clicking here.

Kind regards,

Lance James

Director of Customer Care
Porter & Company

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